Pearls are Perfection on Wedding Day

From beauty icon Elizabeth Taylor to modern divas like Rihanna, pearls are a timeless classic. Today's pearls have taken on a more modern flare, yet they still remain one of the most time honored traditions and favorites of brides to wear on their wedding day.

Confidence: It looks good on You!

As women we sometimes need a boost of confidence to keep us motivated to be our best. Too often, stress, giving and giving without being refilled or being the strong shoulder to lean on, deplete us and cause our natural beauty and strength to wane. We all experience it and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Beginning today, S.N.O.B.B. is dedicating our Friday blogs to uplifting, encouraging, and empowering women to be their best. Happy Friday!


S.N.O.B.B. Favs: Emmy Looks for After 5 Weddings (or Holiday Parties)

 The Emmy's are over but the fashions on display will be talked about for weeks to come. We've selected some of our fav Emmy looks that are worthy of replicating for an after 5 wedding or for one of the many holiday parties you will be attending this Christmas season...