The Gal's Guide to an unforgettable Girlfriends' Getaway

Photo Credit: John W. Mosley
Do you have at least one girlfriend who is a no hold barred, drop everything, let's do it, type of gal? I do, and we all need at least one! To help us more 'I need a plan' to get going personality types, here is a cool guide to get you started...


Goodbye Boring Wedding Books

Instead of having the traditional wedding book what would you use remember who attended your wedding? No idea? Keep reading...


Romantic to Travel Bridal Shower Ideas & Themes

Guest Post By Janet Verra

A traditional way to celebrate a bridal shower is to plan it for ladies only. While that idea will always be nice, but there are many people nowadays that prefer a contemporary type of bridal shower to plan for a friend or loved one. There's basically a theme for modern bridal showers and some include men as guests. Now, if you are going to organize a shower and looking for some other options to choose from, this is article is a perfect source to read upon.