How To Have A Unique Restaurant Wedding Reception

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When the words 'how to have a unique restaurant wedding' come to mind, you might not feel joyful.

You might feel like you are getting robbed of the chance to have your dream wedding in a place that has everything that you ever wanted, such as the romantic chapel, the little wedding reception venue and so on.

Fear not though, because having a restaurant wedding reception could actually work out to be better for you than you might think!


Vera Wang Bridesmaid Looks for Fall

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Planning a Fabulous Bridal Shower

Have you ever attended a bridal shower or planned one for your best friend? What did you like most about it? Was it the food & games, or was it watching the bride open up her stash of gifts revealing the "sweet nothings" that she would one day wear for her beau? 

A lot goes into planning a bridal shower: color/theme, menu, games, party gifts, its a big responsibility, but it is equally a lot of fun! To help you with the details we have some beautiful inspiration to assist with your bridal shower planning.