Valentine's Day 2016

February is such a fabulous month and if you haven't checked your calendars, Valentine's Day is on a Sunday!

I love Sunday's because they allow time to cozy up with a great book, catch up on Hallmark movies with my own bag of Chicago Mix popcorn, or catch a matinee followed by brunch.

The good news is, this Valentine's Day, you have multiple options for a spectacular fun-filled weekend, or a romantic interlude for two. Whatever you choose we've got some great ideas and fashions to get you started.


30 Days of Love?

There are now less than 30 days before Valentine's Day. Take a look at how I plan to celebrate the days leading up to the Love Day from my article in The Huffington Post...



Diamonds or Pearls? Which should brides choose?

Guest Post by Kheri Chawla
All women love jewelry. But for bride to choose the right jewelry for her wedding is overwhelming and at times daunting. 

Since girls have many options now it is important to look for a decent looking gorgeous piece of jewelry, after all for the bride, it is her dream day and she is marrying the prince charming. 

She wants to look her best and awesome and these sweet memories will cherish in her life forever.