How To Have A Unique Restaurant Wedding Reception

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When the words 'how to have a unique restaurant wedding' come to mind, you might not feel joyful.

You might feel like you are getting robbed of the chance to have your dream wedding in a place that has everything that you ever wanted, such as the romantic chapel, the little wedding reception venue and so on.

Fear not though, because having a restaurant wedding reception could actually work out to be better for you than you might think!


Vera Wang Bridesmaid Looks for Fall

Fall is here and we are excited about the White by Vera Wang bridesmaid collection for fall! Rich reds and luxurious golds are a must for fall nuptials, and we have our fab four that are perfect for a day or evening ceremony.


Planning a Fabulous Bridal Shower

Have you ever attended a bridal shower or planned one for your best friend? What did you like most about it? Was it the food & games, or was it watching the bride open up her stash of gifts revealing the "sweet nothings" that she would one day wear for her beau? 

A lot goes into planning a bridal shower: color/theme, menu, games, party gifts, its a big responsibility, but it is equally a lot of fun! To help you with the details we have some beautiful inspiration to assist with your bridal shower planning.


Tips To Choose Perfect Wedding Invitations

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By Sila Rodney
The Animated Bride

Planning your wedding will involve many activities that range from buying the perfect wedding dress, to ordering the wedding invitations.

All these can lead to stress or bridal panic attacks, and it is important to remember that with careful research and a lot of help, you can plan your wedding without turning into a complete mess.

It is important to remember that first impressions last forever, and you should not overlook some of the seemingly smaller details such as the invitations.


Lounge Furniture looks for Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

Lavie Design
Weddings are simply beautiful. One aspect of weddings that I love is your ability to use your creative side and re-create your favorite movie scene, dream vacation, or maybe a city scape. Whatever you can imagine, you can have it thanks to lounge furniture and up-lighting that can be rented for your big day.


The Perfect Bridal Lingerie: Your Key To Your Perfect Honeymoon

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Journelle "Dear Bowie" Zoe Robe
Planning a wedding isn't as easy as one, two, three. Neither is choosing the perfect bridal gown for you. With all the hassle and bustle of wedding preparations, often the not you forget one vital part of your wedding day. Choosing and wearing the perfect lingerie. Bridal lingerie should come in two parts.


Celebrity Bridal Looks You'll Love

As many of you know some major celebrities tied the knot this past Labor Day weekend. Angelina Jolie wed Brad Pitt, her long time lover and father of their 6 children in an intimate wedding ceremony in France.

Jenny McCarthy, former co-host on The View married Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg (brother of actor Mark Wahlberg) near Chicago, Il., followed by Ashlee Simpson to Evan Ross (son of iconic diva Diana Ross) in a grand bohemian style event at her home in Connecticut. Bridesmaids were clad in all white while the groomsmen wore classic black and white tuxedos.

Last, but certainly not least, Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union made an all-time slam dunk in marrying long time beau and Orlando Magic point guard, Dwayne Wade (oh-la-la). The couple's black and white themed affair took place in a castle located in Miami, and was witnessed by 200+ guests.

Each of these gorgeous women wore wedding dresses specific to their personal styles. If you were partial to one dress over another, we don't mind! We're just happy you don't have to pay the hefty price to get a similar look for your own special day. Thanks to the Vera Wang we've got some fabulous looks below that will help you get the celebrity look without the celebrity price tag via her White Collection.

Angelina Jolie
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 Which dress do you like most? Leave us your favorite in the comment box below!

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