Not Your Father's Bow Tie!

 If you're an observer of people (as I am) and their fashion habits, you will have noticed the return (in popularity) of the bow tie. I asked myself where exactly did the bow tie originate, so I Googled it (duh!). The first entry I chose was, of course, Wikipedia, which stated, and I quote "The bowtie originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century." Hmm, Croatian mercenaries...um, yeah.

A I continued to read I saw a quote from Warren St John (The New York Times circa 2005), whose matter-of-fact statement summed up what most trendsetters think..."wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think." Bingo! I am woman (or in this case, Man), hear me roar! So what does this mean for you, dear groom, when it comes to selecting the accessories for yourself and the groomsmen? Everything! Don't be afraid to take the non-traditional route and do you.

Strutting your own style for your wedding is the best pre-wedding gift you can give to yourself and up the attraction meter in your wife-to-be. Don't get me wrong, I like traditions, and they can useful in some ways, but this is YOUR day too, and you owe it to yourself to rock you - Bow Tie style. Here are some attention grabber bowties that I think you will love and perhaps select for your wedding day:

                                 The Two Guys Bow Tie
                                     Genuine Wood & Fabric Bow Ties
                                        Unique handcrafted wooden bow ties made by Two Guys Bow Ties. 
                                   Mr. T
                                       Unique handcrafted wooden bow ties made by Two Guys Bow Ties.
                                       Unique handcrafted wooden bow ties made by Two Guys Bow Ties.
                                                                                      Custom Bow Tie
                                       Custom Wooden Bow Ties
                                                              Custom Front Etched Bow Tie
                                        Front Etched Custom Bow Tie.
                                        BowTie Cause

                                       Cause related ties that give back!
                                                                                Ronald McDonald House 
                                              Ronald McDonald House
                                          4 Corners
                                                4 Corners
                                                              Flying Pig Marathon
                                                Flying Pig Marathon - White Pig
                                                         Joplin - Spiva Center for the Arts
                                                Joplin - Spiva Center for the Arts


           original feather bow ties


                                                                                                 The Guinea
     The Guinea

                                                                                             Big Spur
      Big Spur

                                                                                       Carolina Copper
       Carolina Copper

Beau Ties, LTD
of Vermont

34 Across
34 Across - bow tie

Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist - bow tie

Postmark - bow tie

 Magellan - bow tie
Clearly non of these bow ties will go down in yawn producing history. In fact, I am pretty sure if you select one or more of these unusual, conversation starting, woman magnetizing (for the groomsmen, of course) ensemble finishers, people will stop, do a double take, and possible wrestle you to the ground to find out where you got them. Just remember, you saw it here first! :o)
P.S. Which bow tie do you think is my favorite?


2013 Christmas Gift List

Christmas is just around the corner and you still have a few more day to pick out the perfect gift for the bride to be. There are some great gift ideas this year, but I have been forced to choose my top 10! Make sure you spread lots of love and joy throughout the remainder of 2013, and give not only gifts, but give your time, a warm smile, or a much needed hug to someone in need. Happy Shopping!

                                                   1. Pretty Plum Sugar Habutai Silk Robe                                                       

                                                          2. Ineke Scent Library                                                                 




Deana & Scott's Dream Wedding Comes True

When I first got the call from my colleague Sandy Bell of Imperial Events to cover Deana & Scott's wedding I was too excited! I'd seen a Facebook post a few days earlier on the wedding and thought to myself it would be really nice to cover the event for my blog. My random thought became a reality and I was honored to witness the intimate ceremony of Deana and Scott along with their close family and friends.

I arrived at the Georgian Terrace Hotel a little early to take a look around this amazing hotel that I'd driven by numerous times to take some pictures. This hotel is a sight to behold! Ornate carvings, marble floors, crystal chandeliers, lavish furnishings...you really have to see it to believe it.

When my assistant and I stepped into the Grand Ballroom our mouths dropped. The already gorgeous room was being transformed into a cozy fall evening complete with pumpkins.

    And then the moment came...

Brody and Emory beamed with pride as they escorted their mother Deana down the aisle. It was truly a heartwarming moment to see the love between the couple and their children.

When love is real you can feel it all around you, and the love between Scott and Deana permeated the room as family and friends witnessed the sharing of vows and the joining of a family in holy matrimony.

It was truly amazing to see all the vendors who donated their talents and time, working together to make Deana & Scott's day a reality. I got an opportunity to talk with a few of them before the wedding...

 Husband and wife team John and Lorri Davidson of Davidson's Crazy Good Cakes are simply amazing people who didn't think twice about creating a masterful and delicious wedding cake for the couple.
Dalena Stapp and her fiance  Andi Hidi (not pictured) owners at Euro Andy Events provided all the sound and music.

Dana Kicklighter, Catering Sales Manager at the Georgian Terrace 

Uplighting by Corey Brady of Elite AV Solutions

The culmination of Deana and Scott's wedding is proof of what can be accomplished when a community comes together to help friends who are in need. November 10, 2013 is a day I will never forget because I witnessed the true power of love and the greatness of the human heart.


*Special thanks to Bert's Big Adventure, Atlanta Perfect Wedding Guide and the following wedding professionals who made Deana and Scott's wedding dreams come true.

Wedding Planner: Imperial Events, Inc. 
Contact: Sandy Bell - Owner

Venue/Catering: The Georgian Terrace
Contact: Dana Kicklighter - Sales and Catering Manager

Photography: Crimson Shutter Photography 
Contact: Kristine Janovitz - Owner

Wedding Gown: Ivory Bridal and Formal 
Contact: Mesita Partridge - Owner

Tuxedo: Savvi Formalwear

Transportation: Special Day Limos
Contact: Jack and Lisa Shelton - Owners

Hair/Makeup: Bombshell Creations
Contact: Jeris Farmer

Stationary: D'Amore Notes
Contact: Felicia Jinks - Co-Owner

Floral : Milestone Florist
Contact: Kara Shaw - Owner

Event Sitter: Elegant Event Sitters
Contact: Tish Davis

Wedding Website/Wedding Dress Video/QR Code: Ell Boutique
Contact: JaCennie Ruley and Nyree Mereus - Owners

Wedding Cake: Davidson's Crazy-Good Cakes
Contact: John Davidsonn - Owners

Honeymoon Accommodations: Get Up Go Travel
Contact: Christy Boyce

Dj: EuroAndy Events
Contact: Andi Hindi and Dahlena Stapp - Owners 

Up-Lighting and Photo Booth: Elite Audio and Visual Solutions
Contact: Corey Brady - Owner 

Candy Apple Favors/Dessert: Sugar Style Events 
Contact: Lauren Chekanow - Owner 


Whip Appeal

Its Monday and I am in an giddy mood! After completing a few tasks which I normally dread I am feeling light-hearted and a little silly. For some unknown reason the song "Whip Appeal" by Babyface popped in my mind and I began to hum the lyrics and rock back and forth at my desk. Ahhh, love is in the air!
Most couples will agree that the "one" who caught their eye had a certain je ne sais quoi they knew they had to have forever. So whether you are a man or woman who has that certain whip appeal that drives your beloved wild, celebrate it, cherish it, honor it, replenish it and recreate it, but most importantly, hold on to it forever!





“Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay forever, when my act does not involve judgment and decision.”
Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving    

With Love,