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10 healthy strategies for brides survive the holidays

As a bride-to-be I'm sure you'll be watching your weight, because holiday activities can come with a cost if you give in to all the treats of the season.

To help you make the holidays their best and arrive on the other side with your weight loss goals still in tact, Anika Christ, senior program manager of Life Time Weight Loss at Life Time Fitness offers these 10 holiday health strategies.


Non Traditional and Unusual Engagement Rings

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 So called "Geek weddings" have been increasingly promoted online in the last couple of years, making super geeky marriages hit the spotlight!

They offer a quirky, alternative take on the idea of a traditional wedding.

From the Flintstones to Shrek and Fiona, there really is a ring to suit every couple, so here are some examples of the most unusual engagement rings.


Solange Knowles Iconic Wedding look in White


The Knowles sisters have been known to break all the rules when it comes to fashion, but Solange, in her iconic all white wedding look, made a whole new set of wedding rules with her dreamy wedding to video director Alan Ferguson.