How Steve Harvey celebrates the little girl in us

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 Every little girl dreams of her wedding day long before she is old enough to start dating. Is it that as women we are hard wired to give and seek love at an early age?

Look around you. When you see little girls, what are they doing? Hugging. Giving sweet kisses. Reaching out to hold a hand? We are natural born lovers. So it's no surprise when you hear a conversation between a father and daughter or mother and daughter of the vision she has of her wedding day.


Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Venues

Guest Post
By Andrew Stratton

Getting married is an important milestone. When most people think of a marriage ceremony, they picture it in a church or temple. While religious buildings are the most popular location for nuptials, there are a multitude of other good options. Here are two tips to help you make a good choice from the wide range of wedding venues.