Non Traditional and Unusual Engagement Rings

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 So called "Geek weddings" have been increasingly promoted online in the last couple of years, making super geeky marriages hit the spotlight!

They offer a quirky, alternative take on the idea of a traditional wedding.

From the Flintstones to Shrek and Fiona, there really is a ring to suit every couple, so here are some examples of the most unusual engagement rings.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew's funky acrylic rings are laser cut and available in a number of colours. Wear them stacked to create one of the most unusual engagement rings imaginable!

Doctor Who
This ring, designed by Pathetic Peripathetic, is inspired by the blue British police box that was made so famous by Doctor Who. The band is made of tarnish resistant sterling silver set with three cubic Zirconium stones to represent the police public call box sign, and the stones are princess cut sapphires. The ring can be customized and, apparently, represents love that will last beyond the universe and well into the second big bang!

Knuckle ring
Contemporary jeweller, Kate Mess, creates jewellery that really pushes the boundaries. Inspired by intricate and clever design, she has created the knuckle ring, which combines brass knuckles with an engagement ring! The knuckle ring is cast in sterling silver and set with four one-carat cubic zirconias. It is available in brass or gold and can be uniquely customized.

Photo ring
Created by groom-to-be Luke Jerram and jewellery designer Tamrakar, the bespoke photo engagement ring features a mini-lens and transparent slide with a small image of the bride and groom, projected when light is shined onto it.

Love letter
One of the most romantic and unusual engagement rings, the custom made love letter ring is a personal love letter bound in a custom sterling silver ring. Simply beautiful!

This black diamond ring features 14-carat black gold and a three-carat black diamond. The black gold fades after six to twelve months, exposing white gold at the edges and on the flat surfaces in a vintage appearance. Reapplication of black rhodium is not necessary but two free reapplication packs are provided if required.

(Yes, really!) It is what it says: a Lego wedding ring designed out of platinum by Tyler Walker.

An isotope design featuring a section of Moonglow luminescent material, the glow engagement ring is all about contrast! It's certainly something different!

The gold USB ring is not actually a functional USB port, but is designed to look like one. It belongs to Ray Arifianto, who is part of the Xbox Platform team at Microsoft. He received the ring from his wife-to-be and the inscription reads "For a lifetime of memories," which represents their relationship as well as the USB's storage capabilities.

And the most unusual of them all...

Peanut butter and jam
Both of these rings are made of polymer clay, one ring resembles peanut butter on toast and the other represents jam on toast. Far from traditional, these rings are so strange they are perhaps more suited to friendship rings...

While certainly not for everyone, these ten unusual engagement rings really do break with tradition and show the endless possibilities!

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P.S. Which of these most unusual rings would you dare to wear? If you could design your own engagement ring, what would it look like?

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