S.N.O.B.B. : Monday Morning Blues

S.N.O.B.B. : Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues

I spent my entire Sunday drowsy from the effects of sinus medicine I took at 4:00 am to relieve the unbearable pressure that was making it difficult to breathe and sleep. Needless to say, I didn't get much of anything done, and when I woke up this morning, I was feeling a bit blue. Was it because of the inactivity from the previous day? I'm not one hundred percent sure of the root of my blues, but I thought, why not use my blue mood as a theme for today's post. I hope you will be inspired from the beautiful blue finds below. And remember, even a blue day can turn into a fabulous day!

Indigo Blue Clutch

Blue Teardrop Pendant

Braided Bracelet

Blue Prism Cuff

Square Diamond & Topaz Studs

Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

Blue Fishtail Necklace

Blue Satin Peep Toe Pumps

Blue Strappy Sandal w/ Bow

 B & M Blue Pump

Royal Blue Peacock Platform

Blue Flat w/ Rhinestones

Panther Brooch

Blue Hammered Bangle

Royal Blue Crinkled Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Ocean Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Chandelier Earrings


Sensational Seven Non-Traditional Wedding Essential Bags List

Top 7 Wedding Day Bags
(In No Respective Order)
1.  Hello Kitty Tote  

What Does Your Wedding Day Bag Say About You?

          Like most women out there, I love a gorgeous handbag (or purse if you have to get technical). And like our shoes, we want them in all kinds of shapes and colors. What I love about getting a new handbag is the smell that emits from the center when you open it for the very first time (especially if it's real leather...ahhhh).


          Having a Wedding Day Bag in my opinion is just one of those things that you can splurge on just because. Oh sure, you can use one of those manly bags that your father may have laying around somewhere, or just toss it into another bag that has been packed with precious wedding day necessities. But wouldn't you rather have an "IT" bag, one that represents who you are and what you are feeling on YOUR special day? No one bag is created equal, so don't just settle for any ole bag, let's look at two potential "IT" bags that will carry your wedding day treasures.


  1. Ultra feminine and all the way PINK!!! This Epiphan!e Bag  was created for photographers, but when I saw it, I knew it would work as a wedding day essential bag. Inside you have various compartments that can easily separate your sexy unmentionables from you perfumes and lotion. It's a must have for the woman isn't afraid of the little girl who lives inside that will always love pink!




 2. I equate the color RED with passion and desire. This Louis Vuitton backpack  is stylish, versatile, and down right sexy! It works well with carrying your wedding day essentials, and later transforms into a cute tote for those small last minute honeymoon items that you can't leave home without.

*Want more? Check out my list of favorite wedding day essential bags. I'm sure you will find one there that will have you squeaking and squealing with pleasure. Happy Shopping!


If you’re like me, there’s a little girl inside of you that likes to poke her pretty little head out at you every now and again. She fights for more attention when you put on the tough exterior and exclaim, “I am Woman, hear me roar….AGGGGRRRRRHHHHH!!!”

I have discovered that when my little girl takes over I am happier, more authentic and loving to those around me. On one such occasion my little girl gave me the idea of S.N.O.B.B. I know, I know, you’re thinking, all the little girls that I knew who were snobs didn’t have many friends, in fact, she was the most hated little girl on the block, no one liked her!

I have a feeling you will like this S.N.O.B.B. You see, S.N.O.B.B. stands for - Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue©. S.N.O.B.B. is the epitome of every little girl’s wish, to become the most beautiful bride in the whole wide world on her wedding day and marry the man of her dreams.

S.N.O.B.B. was birthed out of my love for all things wedding! From engagement rings to bridesmaid gifts, gowns to venues, body care to wedding planners, flowers to fabulous footwear. If it’s wedding, I want to be in the know.

Come with me as I take you on a never ending journey of hidden treasures, rare finds, and all time favorites, through the eyes of a true blue S.N.O.B.B.
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