Spring Series - Part 4

Beauty begins with a great attitude and a clean face. Part 4 of our Spring Series highlights SW Basics, a Brooklyn-based company that can give you a great start to beautiful skin.


Lakum Bridal for Spring/Summer

Today's modern bride wants to stand out and make a statement.

We believe the designer's behind Lakum bridal had this in mind when creating their line of bridal dresses that are exquisitely crafted using the most luxurious fabrics.

Let's take a peek at Lakum's bridal looks, perfect for a spring or summer wedding.


DIY Wedding DJ with Mixteka

What if I told you there was a way for you to save some extra cash for your wedding?

Money you could use to splurge on your wedding flowers, or those shoes that you just have to have to walk down the aisle to meet your awaiting beau? 


Spring Series: Organic Skincare Part 3

Do you cringe at the thought of purchasing makeup online? How about organic makeup? In Part 3 of our Spring Series on organic skincare, we are putting your fears at ease with VAPOUR Organic Beauty. VAPOUR gives you natural beauty without harmful chemicals, and it's guaranteed to make your skin glow.


Spring Series Part 2

Spring has arrived! Today we are spotlighting Caldrea, a new favorite of mine for brides-to-be in preparing for their big day and their new home. Caldrea is Aromatheraputic Living made pure and simple. With all natural ingredients at its core, it's no wonder each fragrance is as mesmerizing as walking through a field of fruit groves and fields of flowers.


National Proposal Day

They say when Spring arrives so does love, which perhaps explains why National Proposal Day falls on the same day as the first day of Spring. Blue Birds singing, Bees-a-buzzing, flowers blooming, and wedding bells a ringing, well, at least that what most women are hoping for today.

In honor of National Proposal Day  we are showcasing some on the most beautiful engagement rings from Vera Wang and Diamond Ideals private collection by Laurent Landeau.


Spring Series: Organic Skincare Part 1

Spring is just a couple of days away and we are excited to bring you our brand new Spring Series for Brides-to-Be that will focus on organic skincare for your face and body! We know you want to look your best on your wedding day, so we found the best organic products that will make you glow and give you flawless skin for your big day!


The Pros and Cons of Pre-owned Wedding Dresses

Guest Post By:
Robin T. Jones
If your budget is tight for your wedding, you may be considering pre-owned or second hand wedding dresses to help cut costs.

While many brides are considering this option today, it's not necessarily the best option for everyone. You'll find that there are both pros and cons to consider before you make this decision.

To help you decide if this is the right route for you, here is a look at the pros and cons.