9 Things to Start Doing Before Your Wedding

Guest post by Lisa R. Anthony

Photo Credit: Playa Del Carmen
With the wedding day approaching quickly, we start to think and worry about the possible problems that could arise and trouble us on that day. It could be an acne breakout, the gown is not fitting, dark circles under the eyes, experiencing a bad hair day or anything else for that matter. While we can't eliminate something entirely from going wrong, what can be done to ease those butterflies in the stomach is to take note of these habits that can be adopted before the big day.


It's National Proposal Day!

Did you know that today is National Proposal Day? What's even more cool is that today also marks the first official day of Spring.

So today we not only celebrate blossoming trees and busy bumble bees, we also celebrate blossoming love between two people who are taking their love to a new level of commitment.


Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Refinerii Bridal Boutique
If you've been looking for a statement piece, why not achieve it through your bouquet? Bride's are more bold and less boring, and we've got proof with these alternative wedding bouquets that demand your attention.