Sweeter than Sweet

We are all addicted to something! My drug of choice happens to be sweets (cake, chocolate, cupcakes, yogurt covered pretzels, hard candy...umm not so much)! I, like so many women (occasionally a few men) deny my love for sweets on a weekly basis, most times to ease my own inner guilt-ridden conscious, because, well, sugar is just so darn GOOD!!!! 
And  when it comes to weddings, the first few thoughts that comes to mind when you arrive to the reception is, "I wonder if the cake will be good?" or, "Do you think they will have a dessert bar?" And couples today are just as sensitive to these questions when selecting the crème de la crème of desserts. It's a tough decision with so many choices out there, so make sure you sample, sample, sample, and ask questions! Because believe me, if the dessert is a flop, no one will ever forget!!!
So in honor of my on-again, off-again love affair with sugar, I am dedicating today's blog to some of my favorite sugary creators. I had lots of fun with this one, so as always, I hope you are inspired to live today to the fullest, and go grab something SWEET!!!

1. Piece of Cake
      Gourmet cakes from scratch that will have your mouth watering until the last bite!

Strawberry Cake

2. Candy Cake Company 
      Delectable cake truffles that are so elegant, you hate to eat them!
Bride & Groom


             Sweet Decadence


 3. Cake Love
         Owner Warren Brown packs his passion of baking into delectable cakes!


      Owner Natalie Clamp heart is set on fire by creating custom Sweets tables!


For Your Young Guests
Photography: Avery House

Cupcakes displayed with Monogram

                   Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Cupcakes

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