Fabulous & Fun Flower Girls!

For every wedding you've ever attended, you know the flower girl (and maybe the ring bearer) steals the show...every time! There's just something about the beauty and innocence of little girls that melts the hearts of every one, even the grumpiest old miser.

We love them because they evoke emotions from times past, when we ran barefoot across the dewy lawn early in the mornings, or blew bubbles with our siblings hours and hours on end. These little girls remind us of the times when we giggled at the silliest things and trusted without reserve.

Brides today have a variety of dress options to bring the sugar and spice element up a notch. Here are some of my favorites that will definitely have you ooohhhing  and aaawwwing and sharing with your brides-to-be.

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  1. The dresses are just beautiful I love all of them, the gold and white one is my pick.