Diamonds or Pearls? Which should brides choose?

Guest Post by Kheri Chawla
All women love jewelry. But for bride to choose the right jewelry for her wedding is overwhelming and at times daunting. 

Since girls have many options now it is important to look for a decent looking gorgeous piece of jewelry, after all for the bride, it is her dream day and she is marrying the prince charming. 

She wants to look her best and awesome and these sweet memories will cherish in her life forever.

Diamonds are forever and the women's best friends as often been told by the diamond industry. Diamond jewelry brings sparkle and shine to the wearer. 

Diamonds jewelry comes in varying designs and price range and it is a good investment for the future. But for some affordability always comes to the mind.

HinsonGayle Ultra-Luster White Oval 

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Rope 65" Strand

Next comes the platinum and palladium jewelry that are nonetheless a preferred choice for many. Gold jewelry has always been the hallmark and has been worn by women all over the world for centuries but for some good reasons it is not as popular as diamond and pearl jewelry in America for wedding day. India is the biggest consumer of gold jewelry in the world as it is not only traditional to buy gold jewelry for marriages but in-numerous beautiful designs are made with this yellow metal plus an investment for future as well.

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Pearl Rope Necklace 82" Endless Strand

HinsonGayle Pink Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings
Next comes the lustrous pearl jewelry, the pure natural beauty of gems. From queens to princesses, from celebrities to young sexy models, pearls have always fascinated women. Pearls that were once the prized wealthy possession of the rich and famous has now become affordable and all brides love wearing pearl jewelry. 

Pearl necklace is the quintessential piece of jewelry to lend style and class to any fashion wardrobe of women in today's world. White pearl necklace is the most classic and traditional and pearls are always a timeless fashion statement.

Pearl jewelry designed with quality lustrous pearls are indeed very eye-catching and look very pretty and awesome. Pearls have always been the most sought after gem because of their natural beauty and brilliant lustrous appeal. Because of their unrivaled beauty it was customary among ancient Greeks to offer pearls as wedding gifts and their possession was considered a sign of happy marriage and sacred love.
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Enhance your beauty, select the most gorgeous piece of jewelry or pearl necklace which fits your style, mood and budget, after all, wedding day is a dream coming true in any bride's life. I would recommend HinsonGayle pearls to any bride who desires premium quality,  beauty, and modern elegance. Undoubtedly, your wedding day will be a lifetime romantic experience.

P.S. Which of the two precious jewels are you most likely to wear?  Would you be open to a combination piece? Let us know your plans for your big day!

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