Vera Wang & FTD Flowers Galore!

Flowers play a very important role in the overall theme and feel of your wedding. Its no secret that flowers can cost you thousands of dollars, eating up at least 35% or more of your budget. Personally, I think flowers are worth the cost. Not only do they add striking beauty, they also add richness, connection to nature, and a hint of sweet sophistication to the atmosphere. Flowers can be used to add drama, color, passion and your own unique personality. Whatever emotional response you are trying to achieve, flowers have you covered!

When deciding on which flowers you want for your wedding day it's important to get what you want. Don't settle! I am happy to report that Vera Wang and FTD have partnered together to bring you a gorgeous line of flower arrangements - centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnières - designed with you in mind.


"Flowers are the most beautiful gift. They're the most simplest way of inspiring delight and connecting with those we love."
-Vera Wang

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