Sexy snugglewear for new brides and wives

Snuggling is very important for women. In fact, if a woman doesn't have snuggling as part of her everyday activities when she first gets married, boy-o-boy, trouble could ensue! Hugs are good, in fact, hugging is great, but snuggling, it's kinda up there with kissing (if you're the kissing type). A snuggle in the morning, a long snuggle in the evening...yeah baby! That's icing on the cake.

Now, for all you women out there who think snuggling comes natural for men...NOT! Most men just aren't wired that way. Never fear, however. You have the power to up your snuggling sessions. How? Well, being that the entire male species is turned on by sight, you have to give him some visual stimulation to get the ball rolling. We have searched far and wide for items that are sexy and comfortable, a little bit cutesie, a little bit romantic. What ever your mood, we've got something we think you'll love.

1. Paired with your shortest shorts this "Wifey" sweatshirt by ILY is super soft and super sexy. Perfect also for a night stroll or a cappuchino in front of warm fire.

2. For the bride who loves to work out, this tee from Fit Little Bride is perfect for getting in daily exercise. For the flirty side of you, buy an extra tank one size smaller to show off your best assets (wink!)

3. Sirens at the Beach  Silk Rose lounge dress, an effortlessly sensual and sophisticated halter, and the Oriental Birds, a gorgeous navy blue silk adorned with the sweetest of birds. This play-suit is flirty, airy and ethereal, complete with a sweet tie front.  


4. YoYoon Cotton cute sexy couple underwear for lover temptation, need we say more?

5. Victoria's Secret Designer Collection Silk Chiffon Ruffle Babydoll - True glamour with luxe silk, cut ultra low in a dramatic v-neckline bordered by ruffles and lace. Finished with a little v-string panty, for one daring baby-doll. 

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