Five Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Wedding Venues

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Villa Deste, Lake Como, MT.
Ideally, walking down the aisle should be a perfect day. In reality, that day is often the culmination of years of planning, preparation, and often stress. However, the right setting can help reduce stress and allow the bride and groom to enjoy their special day.

Wedding venues vary from the spacious to the quaint, including indoor, outdoor, public, private, sacred, and natural settings. There are some obvious choices that need to be made when selecting a location. Here are five questions you can ask that could prove invaluable.
The Barn at Gibbet Hill, Groton, MA

1. Does your facility host the wedding ceremony and the reception?
Holding the ceremony and reception at the same location can be a tremendous cost saver. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,200, with $11,000 going toward wedding venues. This cost can be reduced by holding the ceremony and reception at the same location.
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2. Does the cost of the venue include the cost of catering? Can we use our caterer?
Catering is arguably one of the three most significant costs that couples incur. Some wedding venues that will host both the reception and ceremony will also offer catering as an inclusive part of the package. Make sure, however, that you see itemized costs, including the average cost per guest. Catering varies widely from location to location and, with the variety of food options, there can be a great deal or variability in how much it costs.
After learning whether or not catering comes included in the price, it may behoove you to find out if using your own caterer is an option. Sometimes wedding venues will charge a fee for outside vendors while others will prohibit caterers or food vendors.
Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, GA.
3. What is the parking situation?
Parking at a popular location can be challenging at times. Make sure to get thorough details on parking for your guests, including information about free parking, valet service, and potential locations that are fee-based. Find out if your preferred location has parking on the premises and ask about anything that may arise on the date you've selected. Don't forget to take a look at the calendar and plan ahead, especially if there are conflicting events nearby. Finally, let your guests know what their parking options are and give them the approximate time needed to find parking and arrive in a timely manner.
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4. Are there any other ceremonies taking place at your location on the same day as ours?
Finding out if your preferred venue is hosting another wedding prior to or after yours is something that's often overlooked but should be considered. Setting up, especially when it's done by the couple's family and friends, can be hampered if the venue is not available in advance of the ceremony.
Ashston Gardens, Atlanta, GA.

5. Will the venue provide a personal planner?
Most locations offer a coordinator to help facilitate vendors and make sure things run smoothly during the lead up to the ceremony. However, different places have different levels of involvement. Find out if there is a personal coordinator or planner and ask to what extent they will be available to help.


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  1. While planning or organizing a wedding, these questions are worth asking dear. I am also going to visit venues in DC for my wedding and will make sure to ask about these questions.