The Scent of a Bride: Choosing your Wedding Day Fragrance

There are literally hundreds of perfumes to choose from to wear on your wedding day. With so many choices, how does a bride make her selection?

Does a bride base her wedding day perfume on her personality, a certain memory, or the mood she wants to create on the big day? 

I searched and searched for such fragrances from around the world that would speak to every woman. Whether she is shy and fun-loving, flirtatious, bold and out spoken, or classy and confident. These fragrances are unlike anything you have ever experienced because each scent has captured the depth and essence of being a woman.

The Flower Lover

The Seductress

When I was a little girl I remember my mother having bottles of perfumes in clear glass containers on the top of her dresser. The perfumes were always fascinating to me because she placed them on a glass mirror, which was very delicate and special.

This was the beginning of my love affair with perfumes. Fields of flowers, exotic spices, a summer breeze or distant memories of sights and smells of a far away land. These are the components that comprise the low, top and middle notes that make a fragrance memorable and lasting.


The Lover

Bold & Daring

Elegant and Charming

  • Une Nuit Magnetique by The Different CompanyA skin-deep sensuality to celebrate the mysteries of the night, this pleasant weightlessness where senses are awakened. 
  • Lilt by Rouge Bunny Rouge This hypnotic vapour, with charms so irresistibly unpretentious you’re compelled to follow, cleverly deceives with a sweet-smelling trail that’s not exactly what it seems.
  • Empressa by Penhaligon's London - Discover the beauty and nacrescence of pearls, precious silks and fine fabrics transported through London to adorn women of power and influence.

The same wonder and fascination that captured my love of scents is how I approach deciding which perfumes should be worn by brides across the country. A memory that a bride has of her fiancé brings her five dozen roses, or a hand-written love letter she receives while she is on a business trip, can all be captured in a scent and evoke a flood of emotions by simply wearing a special fragrance.

Instead of selecting a perfume that every woman can purchase with a quick trip to the mall, be more intentional and take as much time and care as you would selecting your wedding dress. The second your soon-to-be husband places warm kisses on your neck, he will forever be under your spell, and he will want every part of you from that moment into eternity.

With Love,

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