All That Glitters Today Is Rose Gold!

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Fashionistas admire anything that is distinctive and matchless. Brides love pieces that make a statement, but in a classy way. Bridesmaids swoon over gifts that can be worn after the big day. What kind of jewelry can satisfy all three tastes and desires? Read on...!

Guest Post by Meha Rathi

Known as rose gold or the coppery pink, today it is a perfect option for women looking for contemporary style designer engagement rings. This metal jewelry adorned with colored gemstones, glitzy embellishments and other materials gives a spectacular style and a unique touch to one's appearance.

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Because of its unique color, feminine appeal, affordability and flattering tone, this reddish hue have become the most popular choice for weddings these days. This precious metal also gives jewelry a romantic antique look.

Carolee Rose Gold

Giving the gold a warm tint, gold jewelry can range from a soft pinkish to a deep, glowing red color- depending on how much copper is used. This pinkish hue of gold jewelry is universally flattering to suit every complexion and hence is admired for its lovely color and unusual style.
Carolee Rose Gold

The highly versatile Rose gold jewelry is not just limited for ladies. Those who are looking for men's wedding bands or matching couple wedding bands can also opt from a huge collection of this rings. It also offers a modern twist to an engagement ring setting, and therefore is one of the popular choices among jewelry lovers.
Carolee Rose Gold

Give Your Wardrobe Some Oomph with Rose Gold Jewelry
Fashionistas admire anything that is distinctive and matchless. And the classic aura of this metal falls under this category. Celebrities too have shown their interest for this particular metal.

Carolee Rose Gold

Due to increasing popularity for this antique jewelry, many top designers and renowned jewelry companies are continually adding rose gold jewelry to their collections. Besides, many online jewelry retailers are offering their customers with latest pinkish gold collections. Therefore you can buy rose gold engagements ring online and get the best choice.

Carolee Rose Gold

Few Ideas for Styling with This Popular Metal
• Wear this exotic metal jewelry with white, dusty pink, beige, brown, black, blue and other neutral colors to add a glamorous look to your attire. And also remember that you should never pair it up with orange or red colored clothing, as it would clash horribly with them.

• You can also mix this metal with other metals for a perfect feminine look. With this you can also opt to pair it up with different colored diamonds such as white, black or any other color. This gorgeous combination will make jewelry stand out more.

• To complement your rose gold ring, you can wear nude or neutral colors of nail polish.

• For a more classic look, match it with other copper or pinkish tone accessories.

Carolee Rose Gold

Clearly this precious metal gives an instantaneous and romantic feel to any look and goes perfectly with anything. So go ahead and make the most of this feminine and delicate shade! Happy Shopping!

Are you a fan of Rose Gold? Would You wear it on your wedding day? We'd love to hear from you!

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