Scentbird: The perfect choice for brides and perfume addicts

There are literally hundreds of perfume on the market. With so many choices how will you ever decide which fragrance to wear on your wedding day?

Let me introduce you to Scentbird. It's the perfect try before you buy perfume subscription service that is affordable, stylish, and modern. Check it out...

I'm an addict! It has taken me years to confront my addiction, but the truth is, I've been an addict all my life. What am I addicted to? Perfume! My obsession with smelling good started when I was a little girl, innocently going through my mother's sweet treasures that she kept atop a mirror on her dresser. A spritz here, a spritz there. I was hooked!

Because of my addiction I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on perfumes that I hated once I got them home and found out it wasn't as fabulous as I thought it was. Have you ever experienced that before? Well, gone are the days of blind spending on scents that you may or may not wear thanks to Scentbird.

Scentbird was created to provide an alternative for women of today that is both practical and exciting. Mariya Nurislamova, CEO of Scentbird states, "The number one reason women buy perfume is to find something new or different."  I wholeheartedly agree, not to mention, as a woman, our moods and tastes change like the wind, and I need a fragrance for every mood.

Scentbird allows you to feed your perfume addiction without breaking the bank and it's no wonder that thousands of women have created scent profiles to match them with a new scent. My new favorite scent that I received from Scentbird is Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb. This scent is everything feminine, and is a favorite among brides across the globe.

Scentbird perfumes are beautifully packaged and simple to use, and the sophisticated black atomizer is nestled in a luxurious velvet pouch.  And with a platform that is friendly to both the indecisive customer and the fragrance-wearer who knows what she likes, Scentbird is a practical option for every type of personality.

With Love,

(This blog post was sponsored by Scentbird.)

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