Altar'd State: My Choice for Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is big business. For some retailers, profits are all that matters. For others, like Altar'd State, family and community are their top priorities. Read on to find out why Altar'd State is one of my favorite shopping oasis for the Holiday's.

I love shopping! There is something about retail therapy that takes away the stress of a very chaotic day.  One of my favorite places to find “that look” is Altar’d State. I first found this little gem of a store when I lived in Tennessee.

When I first walked in the store I was enveloped in a sweet smelling atmosphere and dazzled by the chic and feminine clothes that lined the racks. That was 2012. Fast forward four years later and I am still blown away by the feminine yet edgy styles that the store entices shoppers like me to indulge in.

It’s not just the clothes that makes Altar’d State a great place to shop. As a company they have values. Christian values. Family values. Back in 2009 Aaron Walters, CEO of Altar’d State decided that all stores would be closed on Thanksgiving Day and had continued that tradition since. 

Mr. Walters states, "Thanksgiving is a day that should be spent reflecting on and appreciating our blessings and we want all of our employees and customers to have the opportunity to enjoy their holiday traditions uninterrupted.  It's a small measure, but one that we hope will remind everyone of what is truly important and inspire us all to make a positive change in our communities." How is that for caring about families versus making a profit?

And because Altar’d State has a year around commitment to philanthropic efforts through their Mission Monday, which donates 10 percent of the day’s net proceeds to local non-profit charities and forges a personal relationship between the store teams and local charitable organizations, it’s no wonder they are going above and beyond giving back this Holiday season through their Give Love Campaign.

The Give Love campaign launched with the Christmas window reveal event on October 23rd where Altar’d State boutiques across the country simultaneously unveiled their Christmas-themed window displays featuring festive Christmas decorations and new winter fashion arrivals. For the month of November, Altar’d State will organize volunteer opportunities for its more than a thousand store associates to give back to the communities in which Altar’d State boutiques are located.

Altar’d State is seeking to inspire its’ customers to give 500,000 acts of goodwill by offering a detailed lock and key trinket with each purchase. Recipients of the Give Love lock and key are encouraged to keep the key for themselves and share the heart-shaped lock with someone in need of love and kindness.

 Altar’d State is also conducting a social sweepstakes to encourage people to give love by asking them to share how they plan to give love this Christmas using the hashtag #ASGiveLove. Participants who use the hashtag are entered in for the chance to receive an Altar’D State gift card and have a donation made to a charity of their choice.

This Holiday season, do your shopping at a store that is committed to faith, family and the community, because truly, the holiday’s is not just about getting the biggest television or the latest gadgets, it’s about sharing our love with one another.

With Love,

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