7 Tips for Newlyweds Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Now that you're married you've probably settled into married life and all is bliss! Lucky for you, your husband has volunteered you all to host Thanksgiving Dinner. EEK! Don't despair, we've got 7 tips from the experts at Wayfair to guide you to having a foul-proof Thanksgiving spread...

Ahh, the holiday's. To me, it's the best time of the year. For others, not so much. I believe we can create how our Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday's will be by making a decision for them to be great. Sometimes, there are situations that occur, say, your hubby agrees to host your first Thanksgiving Dinner without talking to you first. It happens.

Your first reaction could be to stress out and fly off the handle at your husband's thoughtlessness, or you can calmly, but firmly, express your fears and apprehension to hubby and then sit down together and come up with an action plan.

Lucky for you, you don't have to use all the suggestions your hubby comes up with for your Thanksgiving Dinner preparations, unless he is an HGTV addict. I partnered with the experts at Wayfair to bring you seven simple tips to host your first Thanksgiving Dinner.

Set Your Table in Advance
Laying out your tablescape before guests arrive means you can focus on what matters most once everyone is gathered together—and avoid scrambling. To ensure you’re ready for these major hosting moments, consider what you’ll want to complete your dinner table when you register, and not just what you’ll need for everyday use.

Display Your Gifted Pieces
Nothing makes your family and friends feel quite as special as seeing their thoughtful wedding gift put to good use. Consider who you’re hosting—and if their wedding gifts are a good fit for entertaining, like tabletop pieces, serveware, or vases.

Create a Self-Serve Bar
Not only does this keep you from drowning in drink requests, but your guests will appreciate the opportunity to lend a hand, mingle, and customize their own drink. Set up your bar cart, buffet, or any other available surface in a central location with barware essentials—and whip up a signature cocktail that’s best served in batches. Punch bowls and drink dispensers are excellent registry additions for the home bar, as they’re fit for a crowd.

 Know Your Menu
And make sure you’re armed with all the tools to properly execute it! From roasting and pie pans to food processors, some of the most iconic holiday dishes require specialty cookware. Our secret trick to having what you need on hand? When you register, think about your favorite meals and how you’d prepare them. Then, add each element you’ll need. 

Get Crafty with Centerpieces
Don’t feel like you need to one-up Pinterest on your first holiday hosting. You can create a beautiful centerpiece out of the versatile pieces that you already have at home—which are some of our favorite registry picks. Candlesticks, vases, lanterns, serving bowls, and cake stands make for eye-catching displays when paired with seasonal fruits, gourds, greenery, or branches.

FTD Flowers

Don’t Overlook Extra Storage
For everything from guests’ outerwear to scrumptious leftovers, as well as for your special seasonal touches, like fine china, silver, and décor. Preempting your needs from the moment everyone arrives to after the last person heads home will help you stay calm and organized—and guests love to give wedding gifts that will make your life easier.

Overnight Guests? Think Short and Long Term
Making your guests feel welcome when staying over is as simple as being prepared to host them—and that means covering the basics, like bedding and bath linens. Even if you don’t have a dedicated guest room, registering for extra sets of sheets and towels will help avoid any last-minute laundry loads. And your guests can enjoy the benefits their luxurious gift whenever they visit.

Easy right?! If you find yourself beginning to panic, take a few deep breaths and refer often to the seven tips from Wayfair to get through your first official Thanksgiving holiday with your new family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

*Table setting provided by Wayfair
*Flower arrangement provided by FTD
*Photography provided by Justin Carrington

Table Setting Elements from Wayfair:

Flat Ribbon Pick (silver)

*Special thanks to FTD for providing the flower arrangement for this post. FTD has a wide assortment of arrangements for all occasions, can provide Same Day Delivery, and their line of Luxury/Premium brand is absolutely fabulous for people like me who love the "wow" factor.

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