By The Book: Ten Ways to Style Your Wedding

If you 're a bookie (book lover) like me, chances are you love the idea of incorporating books into your wedding decor. We've got ten great creative ways to bring your love of books into your wedding day style...

1. His & Hers – Chances are, you don’t have the same taste in books as your spouse-to- be. If you’re into Shakespeare, and he loves Hemingway, consider using two books at the centerpiece of your table that reflect each of your interests, paired with a floral arrangement and candles. 

2. Silver Linings – It’s never too soon to look forward to your Silver Anniversary. Heirloom silver trays pair beautifully with vintage or modern books topped with silver cupped flowers, adding a timeless elegance and glamorous sparkle to your wedding.


3. Story Tellers -  When using books in your centerpieces, your guests will undoubtedly flip through them. Stagger in photos that tell the story of you and your fiancée for a guest surprise that will be sure to start a conversation. Or, leave open books that resonate with your wedding’s story. Classic vintage poetry books will always set a romantic mood. 

4. Favorite Favors - Sure, a bottle of bubbles can be fun, and chocolate covered almonds are always a delight, but why not pair a ribbon-wrapped book at each guest’s table setting ... a personal note inside will give it an extra touch! 

5. It’s all Black & White – One of the easiest ways to denote table numbers, menus or other information is on a classic black chalkboard. Contrast a basic black chalkboard with modern black books-by-the-foot with unifying white, silver or gold text to the spines. Or, tie in vintage books in muted shades with unifying black title squares or lettering to the spines. 


6. A-Tisket, A-Tasket, a Flower Making Basket – Use wire baskets to keep books, flowers and other décor in a neat and orderly bunch at the center of your table. Vintage or modern books make the perfect foundation on which to top a variety of centerpiece necessities, including: table numbers, candles and or flowers. 

7. Books in Place – Especially if you are hosting a destination wedding, use books relevant to the area; vintage travel books, historical books, or those set in the town you’re in makes it easy stay on theme while giving your guests something to thumb through during downtime.

8. Past & Present - For a vintage look without the antiques, pair vintage distressed books with copper, brass or patina metal trinkets. Vary your vintage book stacks, placing some books horizontally and some leaning vertically. Top and surround the vintage books with metal objects in the same color family to give a contrasting but cohesive look.

9. Born in a Barn - For a classic farmhouse wedding, consider wooden milk crates or other distressed wooden or metal totes that can be filled with books, flowers and a table number. Pocket-sized vintage books are incredibly versatile due to their compact size and can easily fill a variety of containers, including glass cloches and lanterns. 

10. Take a Bow – Wrapping a collection of books paired with your choice of flowers gives the opportunity to neatly tie your book centerpieces into your theme. No matter the dominant color in your wedding theme, books of any color can be purchased by- the-foot to keep a uniform palette on every table. 

With Love,


“The love of books is a love which requires neither justification, apology, nor defense.” - J.A. Langford

*Photos & Tips Courtesy of Jessica Kirk 
*Books featured above can be purchased at Booth & Williams 

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