Wedding Day Photographer Spotlight: Anna & Spencer Photography

Photo Credit: Anna & Spencer Photography

Last week I decided to spotlight wedding photographers because they are a major player in making the wedding day a success. This week I am taking a closer look at husband and wife team Anna & Spencer Photography.

I love it when couples are able to work together and build a company. Nothing says more to the world that "we are one" than when a man and woman who are married can work side by side, week after week, and still be madly in love with one another.

I chose Anna & Spencer Photography because of something Spencer said on their website. He said "I'm not in love with weddings, I'm in love with emotions." Weddings definitely bring out emotions in people, and Anna & Spencer did a splendid job of capturing the joy and delight of Lindsay and Homare's wedding day. Enjoy!

For more information on Anna & Spencer, view more of their work or book them for your wedding day visit their page.

"We’re married, in love,
& wedding photographers together."

– Anna & Spencer, Atlanta Wedding Photographers


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