What Does Your Wedding Day Bag Say About You?

          Like most women out there, I love a gorgeous handbag (or purse if you have to get technical). And like our shoes, we want them in all kinds of shapes and colors. What I love about getting a new handbag is the smell that emits from the center when you open it for the very first time (especially if it's real leather...ahhhh).


          Having a Wedding Day Bag in my opinion is just one of those things that you can splurge on just because. Oh sure, you can use one of those manly bags that your father may have laying around somewhere, or just toss it into another bag that has been packed with precious wedding day necessities. But wouldn't you rather have an "IT" bag, one that represents who you are and what you are feeling on YOUR special day? No one bag is created equal, so don't just settle for any ole bag, let's look at two potential "IT" bags that will carry your wedding day treasures.


  1. Ultra feminine and all the way PINK!!! This Epiphan!e Bag  was created for photographers, but when I saw it, I knew it would work as a wedding day essential bag. Inside you have various compartments that can easily separate your sexy unmentionables from you perfumes and lotion. It's a must have for the woman isn't afraid of the little girl who lives inside that will always love pink!




 2. I equate the color RED with passion and desire. This Louis Vuitton backpack  is stylish, versatile, and down right sexy! It works well with carrying your wedding day essentials, and later transforms into a cute tote for those small last minute honeymoon items that you can't leave home without.

*Want more? Check out my list of favorite wedding day essential bags. I'm sure you will find one there that will have you squeaking and squealing with pleasure. Happy Shopping!

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