Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Refinerii Bridal Boutique
If you've been looking for a statement piece, why not achieve it through your bouquet? Bride's are more bold and less boring, and we've got proof with these alternative wedding bouquets that demand your attention.

Have you noticed that more brides wedding professionals are using their creative juices to create spectacular alternative wedding bouquets for themselves and their bridesmaids? Traditional wedding flowers are still popular, but with the demand for having something original and personal, many brides are ditching the roses and opting for wire creations and other alternative materials to create drama and the "awe" affect for their walk down the aisle. 

Here are some of my favorites that I think you will like as well:

 Wire Bouquets by

 Refinerii Studios

Playful Bouquets


Pumpkin and Pye

Bespoke Bride

Jennifer Rae

The Wedding Specialists

Vintage Bouquets


The Wedding Hunter

My Wed Style

We Fell in Love

Mazel Moments

Happy Wed

Paper Bouquets

S & P Weddings

Today's Bride

Anya Shop

Book Riot


Wood Or Fabric Bpuquet



If you were to consider an alternative bouquet what materials would you prefer and what is your favorite bouquet pictured?

Can't wait to hear from you!



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