It's National Proposal Day!

Did you know that today is National Proposal Day? What's even more cool is that today also marks the first official day of Spring.

So today we not only celebrate blossoming trees and busy bumble bees, we also celebrate blossoming love between two people who are taking their love to a new level of commitment.

As I was preparing to write today's blog I came across a photo of Sandra Bullock down one one knee holding up a ring to Ryan Reynolds in New York City. The scene is from the movie "The Proposal" which came out in 2009. It's a classic romantic comedy on finding love in the most unexpected and unwanted places.

Not my ideal proposal situation as I am a traditionalist, believing that the man should buy the engagement ring and provide the perfect backdrop to a memorable "will you marry me?" Which brings us to today. National Proposal Day.

Although there are no rules for the day I thought of some great ways to celebrate with your beau to popping the big question:

1. Live in the moment - You might be temped to take out your cell phone and call your girlfriends, mom, or bff, but instead of shouting the news from the rooftop, savor this special moment with your beloved. There will be plenty of time to go giddy with the ladies.

2. Kiss the night away - There is nothing more intimate and even more romantic than kissing. Celebrate this moment by treating each other with passionate kisses from head to toe that take each of your breath's away.

3. Take a long drive - Imagine sitting next to each other exploring the countryside and taking in the first day of spring. Be sure to bring your camera along to take some candid shots that you can print later to create a memory book.

4. Write love letters to each other - Gone are the day of taking pen and paper and expressing your hearts thoughts that will live on for eternity. Take this time to compose letters that you will exchange on your wedding day.

5. Create a lasting tradition - Although this day serves as the official day you get proposed, take time to commemorate the day by creating a way to celebrate this day for years to come. You can vow to watch a certain movie, eat a certain food, or travel to a certain location. Be creative and make it memorable.

Happy Proposal Day!


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