9 Things to Start Doing Before Your Wedding

Guest post by Lisa R. Anthony

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With the wedding day approaching quickly, we start to think and worry about the possible problems that could arise and trouble us on that day. It could be an acne breakout, the gown is not fitting, dark circles under the eyes, experiencing a bad hair day or anything else for that matter. While we can't eliminate something entirely from going wrong, what can be done to ease those butterflies in the stomach is to take note of these habits that can be adopted before the big day.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking ample amount of water is one of the most effective ways to enhance the glow on skin.

When you start drinking water as a habit during the day, skin gets plump and rich and all the aging lines and blemishes sink in, making skin look younger.

Drink at least 8-10 servings of water at regular intervals throughout the day. This practice will make the skin look fresher on this special day. 

2. Communicating with the partner.
Developing excellent communication with the partner is very crucial. This can't be done alone, it will need full support from the partner. There are so many things and unresolved issues that need to be talked about leaving all inhibitions at bay. If these issues are not addressed to, they might as well result in quarrels and resentment after the marriage.

3. Taking a nap.
I know planning a wedding can get very hectic and tiring, even more than one can imagine. But getting enough sleep is one thing that one just can't ignore. Not getting enough sleep makes a person fussy and angry all the time, which even reflects on the face in the form of dark circles and blemishes and I'm pretty sure no one wants that on the most important day of life. So, to avoid all this, take time out for naps during the day and also try to sleep early and rise early in order to give a biological rhythm to the body.

4. Care for your hair.

A few days before the big day, you will meet the hairstylist and will follow a hair regime. But much before that, start loving and caring for hair.

This can be done by using good quality shampoos, conditioners, hair masks that suit one's hair type. What can also be done is, taking regular appointments for hair spas. Work hard on hair because ending up with bad, dry hair on the big day is the last thing one would want. So, start now.

5. Create a healthy fitness plan.
Prepare a complete fitness plan to boost the body image. Many brides-to-be opt for dieting and start eating lesser and lesser as their special day approaches. But believe me, a positive body image outweighs any diet which could even be harmful in the long run.

Make a fitness plan that matches your body type and do it the smart way. One surely doesn't want to look back on their wedding day and only think about the extreme dieted thin body and an ill-fitted gown. Stay fit and look fabulous, that's the key.

6. Start meditating.
As the big day gets closer, the stress and anxiety levels also go up. Encounters with sleepless nights, midnight hunger pangs etc. increase. In order to enjoy each moment fully as well as to stay calm and composed, practice meditation.

No need to follow any rules as to where and when to do it- just take 15 minutes of the day to concentrate on breathing and a noticeable positive change in concentration when it comes to wedding related stress will be seen.

Start today, to not miss out on those joyful moments.

7. Keep your family and friends close.
When it comes to marriages, family members and friends have a crucial role to play. Don't be alone on this journey and trust me even they are likely to be thrilled to give their opinions and help out. So, don't be a loner in these days and don't shy away from asking for their help. You don't want to make all those invitation calls all alone. The help of close ones can make the planning process easier and much more meaningful. It will keep the mind at peace.

8. Put on make-up only when you have to!

Whenever we get an invitation to a party or make plans for an outing, the first thing we do is- putting on some make-up. It's like a habit but not a good one to be very honest.

With our face being attacked every day with heavy layers of make-up, the pores of the face get clogged up and the chances of an acne breakout increase. So, in order to avoid that, put on make-up only when it is really needed. On other occasions, just try to keep the skin moisturized and don't forget to put on sunblock.

9. Groom your fingers and nails.
Last but not at all the least, Miss Bride-to-be, don't forget to take utmost care of your fingers and nails. Apart from the vows, the gown, the guests, the cake etc., this glorious occasion is also about the wedding band, the ring.

Just thinking about diamond rings gives me goosebumps. They are so glittery and shiny... diamond eternity bands and lots more. I can go on talking about them all day. You will have to keep your nails and fingers ready for the nice snapshots. So, weekly manicure and polish are suggested in order to achieve lovely hands.

To sum it all up I'd like to say, Miss Bride-to-be, just follow all these habits to enhance what you already have and make your partner feel special by taking care of your body and looking like a complete Goddess on this glorious day!

Happy Wedding Day!
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