The Power of Pink: BCA and Giveaway

Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month is going strong and we are proud to celebrate the Power of Pink this month. This week I share a personal story, an empowering breast cancer prevention article and info on our fabulous giveaway!

For years I saw the pink ribbons, read about the walks, even had friends whose moms passed away from the terrible disease. Then it happened. I got the news that a friend with whom I went to church with, danced with, laughed with, walked and cooked with was diagnosed with breast cancer. Damn. It was the 2nd form of cancer that struck and disrupted the life of a beautiful woman I call my friend.

Questions immediately flooded my mind. Why her? How will this affect her family, especially her children? What can I do? There was a rush of feelings that left me feeling fearful and a bit powerless. But then I prayed. Because I believe in prayer. And then I thought about my own health and what I needed to do to become powerful and fearless. I armed myself with knowledge and felt a sense of peace flood my spirit. Breast cancer can happen to anyone at any time. Some women are more susceptible than others because of heredity while stress diet can be key factors in the disease forming in the body. No matter the reason, breast cancer sucks!

One question that always come to mind is what can I do now to prevent or reduce the risk of developing breast cancer? 

This month I am celebrating the Power of Pink Awareness! All month long I am using my blog to share information, stories and pictures that celebrate the thousands of women who live with or have died from breast cancer. Today starts the beginning of our Power of Pink Awareness Giveaway. We are excited to be partnering with StyleWe and Rich Single Mama for this amazing giveaway. Click on any of the Power of Pink Awareness links to enter and win a fabulous Power of Pink Awareness gift package!

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P.S. Have a personal story you want to share with us? We want to hear from you! Click here to submit your journey with us.

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