The Un-Cake Wedding Reception

Twenty years ago it was sacrilegious to not have a wedding cake at the wedding reception, even if the bride or groom didn't like cake. Today, wedding cakes are optional and we've got the scoop on how you can have an amazing wedding reception with the wedding cake!

Guest Post by Kate Mendelson
Reinventing tradition has actually been a hip trend in weddings nowadays. Without losing the original meaning of weddings and marriage, other superstitions and rituals have been revamped to fit the 21st century state of mind. Shorter wedding dresses, vibrant colored wedding shoes and the unconventional same-room preparation of the bride and groom - these signify that weddings are moving forward along with the times.

As for the wedding cake, it has indeed evolved from the classic white frosted layered cake with the bride and groom figurines on top. Today, cakes aren't the only go-to superstars of the wedding reception. Due to practicality, convenience and even for creativity's sake, wedding cake alternatives do give couples a different means of expressing their joy and happiness on the day itself.

To give soon-to-be wedded couples an idea of what's hot in the world of cake alternatives, here are a few treats and pastries that the guests will surely love.


To allow for a more varied taste among the wedding guests, cookies are fun to mix and match when it comes to ingredients. Chocolate, nuts, oatmeal, peanut butter and other tasty flavors are blended to create wonderful masterpieces that are perfect for dessert. Whip up different kinds of cookies for a cookie buffet at the reception or have a single giant cookie customized for the special day.

Two of my favorite cookie companies that specialize in gourmet flavors and ingredients are Moon Rock Gourmet Cookies and Monica's Gourmet Cookies.

Moon Rock Gourmet Cookies - Each cookie is hand formed with the finest ingredients that are 100% all natural. They specialize in wedding favors and ship anywhere in the US. My personal favorite is the Lime Coconut, but with other flavors like Sweet Potato, Obi-Wan Canolli, and Chocolate Caliente, I'm sure you'll have your favorite

Monica's Gourmet Cookies - These cookies are unique with a distinctive look and texture that has become easily recognizable. The rich flavors are over-the-top addictive. With 33 decadent varieties along with 2 Sugar Free and 5 Gluten free flavors, we're sure you will find your must have and delight your wedding guests with your flavor selections.


Common crowd favorites, cupcakes are easy to personalize, convenient to hand out as giveaways and affordable to fit no matter how many guests are attending. They also appear to be mini-cakes, which makes their flavor similar to the traditional cake too. Displaying these treats aren't a problem; they may be piled in fancy tiers or assembled in lines.


Anything made with chocolate is lusciously delicious, right? Brownies smothered with chocolate frosting or baked with nuts are simply mouth-watering. Watch the guests eat their hearts out in choco-frenzy while still leaving a few pieces for take home after the party.


Who could ever resist an all-American favorite? These sugar-coated deep fried pastries always bring back wonderful memories of yester-years with every bite. Fancy the donuts presentation with the help of dainty pastel-colored tissues. For those couples with families who love to dunk, have the guests indulge in a variety of dips and sauces like caramel, chocolate fudge and fruit jams to hype up the experience.

The Donutologist is well known for his tasty mini treats all over the world. With his  “The Dream” machine which produces up to 1200 mini donuts in an hour, the mini donuts can add a personalized touch to your wedding reception.

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