Wedding Wednesday Designer Spotlight: Bo & Luca

We’ve come the last Wedding Wednesday in March. Today our attention is on Bo & Luca whose gowns tell an epic story – the story of the wearer and her loves...

Designed and hand cut in Australia by designer Shannon Pittman, Bo & Luca couture-like pieces are hand beaded at an Atelier in India, where each bead is hand placed on the finest silk by local master craftsman over a three month process. 

The opulent fabrics are hand dyed and the finest silks dance with intricate detailing and embellishment. Breathtaking finishes are like no other with intricately woven metallic threads, stones, sequins, faux pearls, crystals, hand cut silk petals and embroidered silk tulips awaiting discovery on cuffs, bodices and waistbands.


Alphen Back

Austin Waistcoat
Austin Back



Chatsworth Detail

Chatsworth Back


Dalton Back

Harlington Back



Risley Back

Rishely Short Detail

Risley Short Back

Risley Short


Rosewood Back

Rosewood Side

Sisloe Jacket

Sisloe Back Detail

Tapeley Side

Windsor Waistcoat

Windsor Back


Woodland Back

Which Bo & Luca Wedding gown do you love best? Discover more of Bo & Luca designs on their website. You will also discover their collection of fabulous accessories.

With Love,
 "Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius."

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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  1. There is a humbling feeling you receive as you go to venues like this. A sweeping era of romance was born here, and it's clear why. One of the most beautiful San Francisco wedding venues I have ever visited and I have been nearly everywhere imaginable!