National Proposal Day

They say when Spring arrives so does love, which perhaps explains why National Proposal Day falls on the same day as the first day of Spring. Blue Birds singing, Bees-a-buzzing, flowers blooming, and wedding bells a ringing, well, at least that what most women are hoping for today.

In honor of National Proposal Day  we are showcasing some on the most beautiful engagement rings from Vera Wang and Diamond Ideals private collection by Laurent Landeau.

Our first engagement ring collection is from the Vera Wang LOVE Collection. All of  the Vera Wang LOVE jewelry is hand-crafted in pure 14kt white or yellow gold.

Every engagement ring features the signature Vera Wang LOVE logo and blue sapphires nestled in the gallery as a symbol of everlasting love. To find the one just for you, visit Vera Wang LOVE for a location nearest you.

Our final collection is from Diamond Ideals. Diamond Ideals has a vast selection of engagement rings that can be custom made to your specifications. In fact custom engagement rings are their specialty. Diamond Ideals celebrated their 100 year anniversary in 2010, which means you can trust their expertise to handle one of the most important moments in your life.

To custom design your very own engagement ring or to speak with a ring specialist, visit Diamond Ideals online.

Do you have a unique or heart-warming engagement story? Tell us the details in the comments section. We'll be waiting to hear from you!

With Love & Life,

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