Spring Series Part 2

Spring has arrived! Today we are spotlighting Caldrea, a new favorite of mine for brides-to-be in preparing for their big day and their new home. Caldrea is Aromatheraputic Living made pure and simple. With all natural ingredients at its core, it's no wonder each fragrance is as mesmerizing as walking through a field of fruit groves and fields of flowers.

Imagine your wedding day weekend filled with the smell of fresh flowers, fruit and a hint of sweetness surrounding you. This was my experience with the first whiff of the amazing Pear Agave Blossom from Caldrea.

Known for its line of home aromatherapy using natural ingredients, Caldrea has perfected the science of capturing nature’s beauty into fragrances that leave you mesmerized.

The Pear Agave Blossom line is the perfect fragrance for your wedding weekend. The Linen and Room Spray is perfect for filling the air with a light scent as if you were walking through a flower garden.

But before the spray you can experience the fragrance by adding the Caldrea Pear Agave Blossom Fabric Softener to your wash for a longer lasting scent. If you hand wash your delicates (silks, chiffon, etc.) before wearing them, there is also a laundry wash available. 

What I loved the most from the Caldrea Pear Agave Blossom line is the creamy dreamy hand lotion. The lotion is packed with natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Olive Oil, which leaves your skin soft and scented (and just between us, I used the lotion for my neck and arms as well). So grab a hand wash and lotion for your bathroom and you’ll be all set for the best day of your life.

For more amazing fragrances and Aromatheraputic Homekeeping products to make your new house a home, visit Caldrea and discover why each fragrance line is addictively delightful and good for you.

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