Spring Series - Organic Skincare Part 7

I had never heard of Nardo’s Naturals until a few weeks ago, and the only reason why it caught my attention is because I saw four gorgeous men touting the wonders of their skincare for women (and men too).

Turns out, these four gorgeous men are brothers and they have done some amazing things with all-natural ingredients to make women more beautiful than they already are.

Made from skin nourishing ingredients like Olive  & Tamanu oils, Aloe, Green Tea, and other power-packed materials, the Nardo brothers have tapped into nature’s secrets and created a fabulous line of facial and body care for women and men that will leave you skin feeling alive and brighter.

Two favorite’s skincare products of mine from Nardo’s Naturals that I absolutely love is the Regenerative Clay Mask and the BB Cream.

The Regenerative Clay Masque is unlike any other mask I have ever used. I wondered what a four ingredient (Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Organic Comfrey Root Powder and Organic Acai Berry Powder) clay could do for my oily skin, I mean, could it be that good? YES!

I mixed about a teaspoon full of mix and water together and applied it to my skin. I immediately felt the Masque working. My skin felt tingly and alive as it hardened. I was shocked! After I rinsed the mixture off with warm water, by skin was soft, brighter and smoother. The masque really penetrated into my skin in five short minutes.

My next favorite Nardo's Naturals product is the BB Cream Moisturizing Makeup.  This was my first experience with a BB Cream, and surprisingly I loved it. It is ultra-moisturizing for the skin without having to use an extra regular moisturizer, and it smooths the skin for application of your favorite foundation. Ingredients like Organic Avocado and Rice Bran Oil and Zinc Oxide make it great to use every day, and it helps to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores.

If you have been looking for an all-natural and organic beauty line of products, Nardo’s Naturals might be what you have been looking for. They have an impressive line of other face and body care that is perfect for brides and grooms as they are getting ready for their big day. Visit Nardo’s Natural’s today, but be warned, their products are addictive!

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