Spring Series - Part 9

Today we are concluding our Spring Series which has spotlighted the top Organic Skincare companies across the globe. We end this series with three very different but just as fabulous companies: The Organic Face, ZAO Organic Makeup, LipGlam and Captain Blankenship. Each brand is an excellent choice for brides to use on their wedding day and long after. Let's take a closer look...

The Organic Face

The Organic Face began with a desire to create safe and toxic free cosmetics for women of all skin types. I love and recommend The Organic Face for brides because the ingredients are all-natural and I recognize and use many of them for my body. Take for instance the Seduction Lipstick, which is made with Shea Butter, Coconut, Jojoba and Sunflower Seed oil, and other extracts and oils that are perfect for kissable lips. My favorite  Seduction Lipstick shade is Sweet Nectar.

Another favorite of mine from The Organic Face is the Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Brown. It leaves my lashes fully covered without clumping up. Each of my lashed are defined, and I can apply multiple layers and not fear looking like a tarantula.

With a full range of makeup options including foundations, eye shadows and lip glosses, The Organic Face will give you the look you want for your wedding day - flawless, fabulous skin!

Zao Organic Makeup

ZAO Organic Makeup is an eco-luxury makeup brand made in Italy from 100% natural origins.  I had the pleasure of using the Organic Mineral Silk Loose Powder Foundation, Matte Organic Lipstick in Dark Nude, and two glorious Organic Pearly Eye Shadows in Peacock Blue and Pink Beige.

The Mineral Silk Loose Powder is light and airy and absorbed the shiny areas, leaving my skin with a matte smooth finish. I really loved the Matte Lipstick as I love nudes. It goes on very smooth and lasts after a few cups of coffee.

My favorite products from ZAO has to be the Eye Shadows. The colors were fabulous and the pigments were very rich and vibrant and did not fade after a few hours.

 Another of the many things I love about ZAO is the bamboo packaging that is stylish, elegant and durable. Many of the containers are refillable, so instead of throwing away the package after the last application, you simply buy the refill. 


I'm all about kissable lips, and for brides, having smooth, moisturized lips is a must! LipGlam helps you achieve the smoothest, most beautiful lips, ever! LipGlam is 100% natural and made from lanolin. 

What's even more fabulous about LipGlam is you can use it to tame eyebrows, as a cuticle moisturizer, mascara primer, and relieve patches of dry skin. LipGlam lasts for up to eight hours and it is non-greasy. Because of its petite size, brides can drop LipGlam in a small clutch and not worry about it becoming bulky. 

Captain Blankenship

Jana Blankenship is a master crafter of natural, luxurious products, with each product made being made with love. I was drawn to the simple drawings of Captain Blankenship that make up the logo for this natural brand, and when I received the products I understood why. Pure, simple goodness.

I am a HUGE fan of the Mermaid Hair Oil, that is perfect for any bride that wants healthy, vibrant and nourished hair. The power-packed ingredients of Organic Argan Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic essential oils of Lemon and Rosemary, and wildharvested Cedarwood gives you hair an immediate boost of fatty acids and rich Vitamin E that leaves your locks smooth and shiny.

Another great item for brides for the wedding day is the Rosy Red Lip Balm. Complete with all-natural moisturizers and a hint of red goodness, the Rosy Red Lip Balm will have your beau wanting to kiss your lips over and over again. It's compact size is perfect for a small clutch, and a little goes a long way.

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